Guardsman launches iProtect

Guardsman Limited on Thursday launched its latest company, iProtect, which provides wireless security and monitoring systems for homeowners and business operators.

Guardsman executives told the virtual launch, held in partnership with Flow Jamaica, that the system can be downloaded as an app on smart devices and will work with Alexa, Google, and Siri voice assistants.

“It works, and it is not sacrificing any of the functionalities of our traditional home security systems. It keeps all of the functionalities and it makes it simple and makes it right at our fingertips,” Nicholas Benjamin, managing director at Marksman Limited, another company in the Guardsman Group, explained, adding that the iProtect system is easy to use and ties into the current digital lifestyle .

“The smartphone is where iProtect connects you to your system. The fact that it can be done from the app on your smartphone makes it a very natural progression for anybody who is installing this system,” said Benjamin.

The iProtect system, which can be self-installed or installed by personnel from Guardsman, is available in three categories: The self-install wireless system, which includes kitted cameras, smart lights and smart plugs for energy monitoring which can be controlled from the user’s smartphone; the small office system, which includes two motion sensors, five doors and window sensors and a camera; and the basic package offering a control panel, front and back door sensors for homes and offices, and a window and motion sensor.

Pointing out that iProtect has physical security along with data protection, Benjamin said: “It is a military-grade encryption security that is being used by the iProtect system, so you do not have to worry about privacy issues. No hackers can get into it and no idle hands can create mischief . It is a very secure system.”

Renee Menzies McCallum, managing director at iProtect, stressed the remote monitoring and management of appliances.

“You can control not just the alarm system, but you can control you lights, air-condition unit and appliances, all remotely from our app,” she said, adding that the system has a one-year warranty and comes with a built-in siren and back-up batteries.

“In a typical system, if you are not at a location and your alarm goes off, you don’t even know. Someone would call you to let you know. In this system you have it in your hand, you literally get the alert at the same time as the monitoring station. You are made aware right away that you have a problem and you can look at the camera that you have on site to see something that you need to know about,” said Menzies McCallum.

She said other devices can be added to the system, which include glass break detectors, smart bulbs, smoke detectors, smart appliance plugs, Wi-Fi doorbells, key fobs, electronic door locks and flood sensors.

The iProtect system can be purchased at select Flow Jamaica Corporate Area branches, as well as other branches located in Portmore, Montego Bay, May Pen, Ocho Rios and Mandeville.