The Guardian Life building in New Kingston, Jamaica (File photo)

Guardian signs Virgin Pulse for new wellness campaign

The Guardian Life building in New Kingston, Jamaica (File photo)

GUARDIAN Life Limited has signed an agreement with international company Virgin Pulse to provide wellness services for its employees and clients in Jamaica.

Constance Hoo, vice-president for employee benefits administration, told the Jamaica Observer that the provider was selected as Virgin Pulse has been used by 84 global Fortune 500 companies including well-respected international companies such as Visa and Bayer (pharmaceutical company).

Guardian Life staff in a fitness session organised by the company. (Photo: Jamaica Observer)

The customised service is described by Guardian Life as a holistic health and well-being solution specifically for group clients, and is tailored to the needs of each member and up to 10 of their family members and friends.

Constance Hoo outlined, “Using virtual technology to implement, track, set realistic goals and enjoy rewards, we take wellness and holistic living to the next level. Accessing an online platform which is monitored by our international wellness partner Virgin Pulse, you will be empowered, inspired and motivated to make small, achievable changes to their daily routine.”

She added, “ The platform brings well-being, health, health care and benefits together in one simple to use, intelligent and extensible platform, driving your competitive advantage and improving occupational health rating.”

Guardian Life has also recently signed a contract with Patrice J White, lifestyle, transformation & fitness coach & CEO of the Dynamic Lifestyle Training Studio, who will represent the company as its exclusive health & wellness ambassador.

CEO of the Dynamic Lifestyle Training Studio Patrice J White (Photo: LinkedIn)

Hoo stated, “The partnership with Patrice will be all-encompassing, showcasing our brand as one that provides a comprehensive and superior range of products and services, and adds value for our clients. Among the featured items of this partnership will [be] workout sessions (live and recorded), health and lifestyle newsletters, and talks on a range of health and wellness and financial planning topics.”

Virgin Pulse, meanwhile, indicated that its programmes are backed by more than a decade of experience and the latest behavioural science.

It cites the benefits of the programme as including engagement during workforce disruptions such as COVID-19 to positively impact work-life balance; mental health management; and the accumulation of points by users for daily tasks/challenges completed.These points may be redeemed for tangible tokens such as fitness tracking devices/accessories, phone and workout accessories, scales, lunch bags, costume jewellery and water bottles, without having to pay for purchases, shipping or handling. Points are also redeemable for exercise management including individual and group challenges.

One testimonial from global Fortune 500 Company Visa, given by Hope Ewing, senior director, said: “The friendly competition in the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge encourages connectivity across the organisation. We are seeing employees build more social connections in their offices as well as across our Asia Pacific offices.”