Grenada's Inland Revenue Division (File photo)

Grenada’s Inland Revenue Division launches online payment portal

Grenada's Inland Revenue Division (File photo)

With the deadline for Grenadians to pay their property taxes drawing near, the Inland Revenue Division has created an online payment portal for to facilitate “a swifter and easier” process.

“The Inland Revenue Division (IRD) is pleased to announce that Property Tax can now be paid online via pay.gov.gd just in time for the final payment deadline for 2020 which is just a few days away, on 31 August 2020,” a release stated.

(Photo: NOW Grenada)

In light of the fast-approaching deadline, the IRD said using the portal will prevent the application of penalty and interest on taxpayers’ accounts. However, the division said that failure to meet the deadline will attract a 20 per cent penalty on unpaid accounts.

“Taxpayers are also reminded that for every month the tax remains unpaid 1.5 per cent interest will be applied to their account,” the IRD further stated.

The online portal allows for a swifter and easier way of paying property taxes, the IRD pointed out, adding that it recently launched the platform to create an easier medium through which Grenadians can make motor vehicle and licence payments, among other government fees.

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In addition, the portal also facilitates Grenadians living outside of the country to make payments, rather than travelling home to do so given the current coronavirus pandemic.

At the same time, the IRD has urged property owners who have not received ‘Demand Notices’ to visit its office to update their information. “This would assist the IRD in reducing the quantum of unclaimed Demand Notices that are returned to the division,” the release also said.