Dushyant Savadia (left), founder and CEO of the Amber Group, and Michael McNaughton, group managing director, share a frame. (Photo: Jamaica Observer)

Grenada works with Jamaica-based Amber Group for COVID-19 travel portal

Dushyant Savadia (left), founder and CEO of the Amber Group, and Michael McNaughton, group managing director, share a frame. (Photo: Jamaica Observer)

The Grenada Government has announced that it is collaborating with the Jamaica-based technology company, Amber Group Limited, as it introduces a new COVID-19 travel portal that will ensure that all arriving passengers are in possession of a certificate of entry before boarding the flight.

The new measure will come into effect from December 1 this year.

At present, all incoming passengers are only required to show a negative COVID-19 PCR test and a place for temporary quarantine while they await the result of on island testing before they can be allowed to mingle with the population.

Grenada’s health minister, Nickolas Steele, speaking at the end of the weekly Cabinet meeting, told reporters that the entry certificate will be processed in advance and will become mandatory for entry into Grenada.

Grenada’s Health Minister Nickolas Steele (Photo)

“This will be absolutely necessary by the first of December. We are asking individuals to begin the processing now, individuals who have already applied can reapply on the system or use their current acceptance and PCR,” he said.

“We are informing IATA (International Air Transport Association) and the airlines of our intention and within 10 days the airlines will begin to enforce (the policy),” he said, announcing also that the Ministry of Health has launched its new web portal for travel into Grenada.

The site is the same address covid19.gov.gd, but now it gives online access for the application for travel entry into Grenada. Steele said that the portal and management software for the incoming passengers is a partnership with the Jamaica-based group.

The Maurice Bishop International Airport in Grenada (Photo: GIS)

How the COVID-19 portal works

The Amber Group is providing a comprehensive and interactive website and mobile application, which enables participating governments to pre-approve travellers and control entry into the country while managing the country’s COVID-19 health cases. Amber’s system is described is one of the world’s first technology health-risk, travel authorisation systems.

The software allows for governments to screen visitors before they arrive in a country; enables the linking of initial screening information entered by a visitor to immigration checkpoints and build a secure digital health folder on each person entering the country.

(Photo: NOW Grenada)

Among other benefits of the software is the ability for authorized officials to digitally record high-risk cases, isolate where necessary and track those who came in close contact with affected persons to better manage risk.

All applicants to Grenada will have to show proof of the PCR test and paid accommodation before the entry certificate is provided electronically.

“Once a person does that they will receive from the ministry…an email copy of an entry certificate, this is what will be used to board any aircraft or airline to come to Grenada,” Steele said.

All persons entering Grenada will still have to undergo a minimum quarantine of seven days.