An artistic rendering of Dominica's international airport slated for constriction in Wesley (Photo: GIS Dominica)

Gov’t of Dominica inks deal to build intl airport

An artistic rendering of Dominica's international airport slated for constriction in Wesley (Photo: GIS Dominica)

The Government of Dominica is closer to making plans for an international airport become reality after signing an agreement with Montreal Management Consultants Establishment (MMCE) for the construction of the facility.

Both parties signed the agreement on Wednesday, June 6, 2021, at ceremony that had members of Cabinet and the general public and representatives of MMCE in attendance.

According to Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit. “We have waited, we have been patient and we have planned and we are now on the cusp of making the dream of all Dominicans a reality. When we were dealt a devastating blow by Hurricane Maria in 2017 and we surveyed the damage and destruction all around us, who would have thought then hat less than four years later we would be witnessing the signing of an agreement to undertake the single largest infrastructure project that this country has ever witnessed. ”

Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit’s Government has signed an agreement with with Montreal Management Consultants Establishment (MMCE) for the construction of that country’s first international airport. (Photo: Caribbean Press Release)

Recently, the prime minister announced that the village of Wesley for the site of the airport, and that work to relocate residents in that community had begun. At that time, Skerrit pointed out that the international airport has been a discussion point for “over three decades” and that successive governments had made attempts to get the project off the ground.

He added, then, that prior to completing the airport, his Administration will engage with an international firm to assist the Ministry of Tourism is marketing Dominica as a destination while securing flight agreements with various international airlines.

Skerrit also touted several short- and long-term benefits of the to the island’s economy.

Future prospects for Dominica

During the signing ceremony, the prime minister noted that the “historic moment” that would redefine the future of the country, as he gave assurances that flights from the United States and Europe will begin landing there by 2025.

“Today we create new opportunities for this country and its citizens. Today we help to secure the future our children, the children of Dominica, our children and our grandchild. Today we walk forward into the future, a future that for generations we have talked about, for generations we have dreamed about but which this generation and this Dominica Labour Party Government is now building for our people,” Skerrit added.

Representatives of the Government of Dominica and Montreal Management Consultants Establishment participating in the signing ceremony,(Photo: GIS Dominica)

Also speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Blue and Green Economy, Agriculture and National Food Security Fidel Grant — who is the constituency representaive of Wesley — reasoned that the airport will improve Dominica’s capacity to compete with its other destinations.

“We need this airport to achieve the economic diversification that we have been speaking about for many decades. We need the international airport if we are to position ourselves with the rest of the region and the world by extension. We need this airport to create the Dominica that you dream about, the gateway that makes the world your oyster,” the minister explained.

President of the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce Stephen Lander also weighed in by encouraging citizens to support the project given that the end product will benefit them.

“As the industry transitions out of recovery following the global pandemic, the airport will serve as a foundational element underpinning its future growth. This is a national project with inclusive opportunity. I encourage all Dominicans to give this effort your full support and more importantly tap into your inner entrepreneur. Imagine the possibilities, and position yourselves to take advantage of them,” he said.