Google for Health Tech

Top representatives of Google Health and Facebook are set to headline the first Catalyst Health Innovation and Investment Forum aimed at spurring economic growth using the latest technology. The conference will also include the head of health care at Google Garth Graham who will share Google Health’s priorities in the days to come.

Google Health has increasingly focused on health-related artificial intelligence research, clinical tools, and partnerships for other health care tools and services. During the forum, strategy lead at Facebook Josh Weiner will also be sharing his views on how health technology and biotech innovation can transform our collective health and increasingly reduce the cost of accessing quality health care in the days to come.

Since the pandemic, an increasing number of private and public organisations are looking for practical applications of health information technologies that reduce cost and improve health care efficiency and quality. With the deluge of investments in the industry, the health care chain’s entire value has been disrupted by technology at almost every relationship relevant to patient care: from bedside management of patients to patient advice, electronic medical records and filling prescriptions.

Electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) systems allow doctors to enter patient prescriptions electronically instead of writing a physical document. Electronic medical records allow for rapid access to critical patient information allowing for timely and efficient diagnoses. Like all other computer systems, the health information system also needs the appropriate configuration, network security, solutions, and experts to keep the entire system safe, secure and effective.

This year’s Catalyst Health Innovation & Investment forum brings world-class keynote speakers, panel discussions, and fireside chats within an ecosystem of progressive conversations about critical aspects of health care, particularly health technology. Medical doctor and founder of Novamed Dr David Walcott, along with founding partner and entrepreneur Kirk-Anthony Hamilton, shared that the forum aims to explore the health care industry’s business opportunities, given the transformation of care delivery by the fourth industrial revolution, where technology has increasingly been embraced.

The conference will explore big data in health care, shared by the transformation group within Swiss Re, the largest reinsurance company globally. The value of data and machine learning to extract rapid, high-quality, efficient information means more efficient decision-making. Through electronic health records and information exchange, experts can quickly review a patient’s entire medical history and make complex decisions in increasingly rapid time frames. With detailed medical records, one can minimise the risk of inappropriate medications, medical errors, and waiting times for patients – all of which are desirable.