Gassan Azan to open $9b agriculture facilities

Azan has undertaken a $9 billion agriculture.

Gassan Azan has undertaken a $9 billion agriculture project that he expects to transform the island’s agricultural landscape and provide food security.

The venture is set to provide over 1,000 direct jobs.

Azan made the announcement of the Lakes Pen Agriculture Venture in St Catherine at a press conference at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel Thursday morning (September 19).

Azan and hotelier Gordon “Butch” Stewart

He said it will be a massive multifaceted agro cultural investment, which will feature greenhouse farms, agro-processing farms, commercial catering farms, warehousing facilities and a distribution centre for agricultural produce.

“The project is intended to be a game-changer for Jamaica. We view it as a very important project from our side, which will boost agriculture output and help the country in its quest for food security,” Azan said.

According to Azan, the investment will cut the island’s import bill for agriculture, which will be driven by data and guide the process of the different crops that will be grown.

He said that the project is expected to move the island away from subsistence farming and into the technological era of growing crops.