Michelle Chong, CEO of Honey Bun and founder of Honey Bun Foundation, displaying the GAPP ApP on her cellphone. (Photo courtesy Honey Bun Foundation)

Gapp App: Ja’s one-stop shop for funding, training, and business support

Michelle Chong, CEO of Honey Bun and founder of Honey Bun Foundation, displaying the GAPP ApP on her cellphone. (Photo courtesy Honey Bun Foundation)

Businesses in Jamaica that identify weaknesses through Honey Bun Foundation’s new diagnostic tool, Gapp App, can also find partners for funding, training, or other business support from the same platform.

General manager of the Honey Bun Foundation Nashauna Lalah, on a recent #MoneyMovesJa podcast, shared that businesses completing the built-in survey will most likely get recommendations relating to one or more of those three areas.

(Photo courtesy of Kalilah Reynolds Media)

Expert advice

In developing the app, she said, the foundation consulted with subject matter experts with whom they had developed a working relationship. They also worked with a number of business support organisations that gave their input as to what companies would need to move from one level to another.

According to Lalah, the survey covers eleven areas of business — from marketing to exporting — and even provides links to where businesses can get help.

“The app takes the temperature of your business,” she said, emphasising that the survey aims to identify challenges that could be stalling the growth of businesses.

Surveys on Gapp App covers 11 areas of business including export. (File photo)

“It shows you where the weaknesses are in your business because sometimes you may think you’re doing everything right and you’re wondering why I’m not moving from here to there…. It’s able to show you [for example] that you need more help in marketing. It might be that you need to enhance your digital marketing capabilities. It may be that you need to focus on your exports,” she said.

No perfect business

Businesses can download Gapp App for free from Google Play and Apple stores. It allows businesses to take surveys once per month then generates a report at the end of the survey. Thereafter, businesses can retrieve the results at any time.

“We want you to work along with it, so we don’t want you to do it every week.  So if you’ve done it this month, and it shows you where the gaps are, it will show you where to go to fill those gaps. We actually want you to go fill some of those gaps and then come back and test it again,” said the general manager.

Gapp App rates businesses taking the survey from 0-100 per cent. However, even if a company does manage to get 100 per cent, they will still receive support and feedback.

“If you get 100 per cent, we’re gonna say you can get 110 per cent. But, of course, there is no perfect business and that’s the thing about the app, you don’t know what you don’t know,” she said.

Gapp App was the brainchild of CEO of Honey Bun and founder of Honey Bun Foundation Michelle Chong. It took about nine months to develop.

It’s powered by Niritech Digital and was launched in collaboration with the Digicel Foundation, EXIM Bank, the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA), the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) and Jamaica Promotions Agency (JAMPRO).