Fulla Flavour sauces and seasonings (Photo contributed)

Fulla Flava taking Jamaican spices to the world

Fulla Flavour sauces and seasonings (Photo contributed)

Fulla Flava Spice Bar LLC is a registered company in Maplewood, Minnesota in the United States. The company, owned and operated by Mikailia Dayes, started out of her desire to explore ingredients in the kitchen.

“Growing up with my mom, I was never fond of the kitchen but when I did try, I would always play around with her spices which were never labelled and were never in the right bottle. My love started because I had to dissect what these spices were,” said Dayes.

Mikailia Dayes, proprietor for Fulla Flava Spice Bar LLC, in Minnesota, United States (Photo contributed)

It was the mystery behind the spices that piqued her interest. Fast forward a few years later and the entrpreneur has turned that mystery into a full scale business.

“When I became an adult, I started cooking more for myself, I gravitated toward extreme flavours, I wanted to infuse that with something different, it was always something with a twist,” she continued.

Although Dayes migrated to the US, she travelled with her passion and started to import Jamaican spices, “I am buying from the markets in Jamaica and the seasons shops and I’m working on forging partnerships with farmers on the ground as the business grows.”

She said monetising the business was less easy, pointing out that the process took some trial and error. “A lot of people would come to my house and ask where did you get this? Can I get some? And I found that I was giving away these spices so I started cooking and selling food,” she said. But she soon realised that cooking was not yeilding sufficient income.

(Photo contributed)

“I realised I had an issue because my supporters who weren’t in my immediate space couldn’t get to try my food so I decided to provide them with the stuff I use to cook and teach them how to use them, and that’s really what birthed this company,” the entrepreneur added.

As it is now, Dayes rents a commercial kitchen space where she mixes her unique blends and bottle them in sterilised containers. She explained that’s where the bulk of her production takes. For now, she says everything is done by her except for her labels which is outsourced. Dayes highlighted that the shipping aspect of her business is done from her house.