FosRich ramps up its online business to stay ahead of the game

ELECTRICAL and lighting company FosRich is making a big transition online as it seeks to remain competitive in the marketplace while continuing to grow market share.

Managing director of FosRich, Cecil Foster, who made the disclosure during a recent Jamaica Observer Business Forum, disclosed that the company’s e-commerce platform will be rolled out in the coming days. The platform, which he jokingly called “FosRich Amazon”, will propel the company even further in the electrical and lighting business.

He told the forum that FosRich’s online business will go live this month and be preceded by a strong marketing and public relations push that will be cranked up this week. With this online push FosRich, one of the island’s premier electrical and lighting companies, will be maximising its coverage over the island by adding its footprint in the digital space.

When asked about details on his e-commerce business such as the banking partner being used to secure the financial transaction, the name of the platform, information about accessing the network and any service providers being used, Foster said he preferred to withhold any further information until the launch, which is to take place before the end of the month.

“Listen out for more,” Foster quipped. When asked whether the company, which is in expansion mode having diversified into PVC pipe manufacturing and transformer repairs, will be opening a FosRich location in other major towns, he replied in the negative. Foster explained that the company currently has four businesses and warehouse locations spread across Jamaica, with two FosRich locations in Montego Bay at Fair View Office Park and Cottage Road, a store in Mandeville as well as the Kingston head office.

This is in addition to the new warehousing space being built out at 76 Molynes Road, which is also to be used as a fulfilment centre for products and will be utilised by the company for its corporate offices. The FosRich managing director stated that there is no need for another location at this time given the fact that the company is seeking to maximise its coverage based on its geographic footprint across Jamaica, where it can reach its customers within one and a half hour anywhere.

He mentioned that the online platform which is being rolled out will also aid in this growth of the company’s reach across Jamaica. 


Foster stated that the company was ready for the novel coronavirus pandemic, noting in the early days of COVID-19 the company instituted protective measures. He reported that long before the Government’s safety protocols of mask-wearing and social distancing, FosRich had already put in place these measures to protect staff and customers.

He stated that FosRich was also early in utilising the work-from-home strategy in that at one point 20 people from its Molynes Road head office were working from home, adding that the company had to outfit these individuals with computers and other tools to faciltate the adjustment. Foster gave credit to his staff for supporting these safety protocols, noting that rather than cutting staff the company actually ended up hiring more employees, numbering over 20 at all levels.

“We did not lay off anyone, we didn’t send anyone home,” Foster said with smile as he mentioned that at Montego Bay, where most of the layoffs as a result of COVID-19 took place due to the closure of the hotel sector, there were no jobs lost at FosRich’s two locations in that second city.


Foster indicated that FosRich also extended itself to its customers as a result of the impact of the pandemic, offering specials and discounts on products and services. He pointed to a big super sales day, which was held last year, when customers got discounts on some items – as much as 60 per cent.

Foster said the initiative was well supported and he was well pleased with being able to offer such assistance and massive givebacks to his customers.