FosRich partners with Huawei to provide energy solutions to the Caribbean

FOSRICH Company Limited has partnered with global technology company Huawei in an effort to improve renewable energy and energy efficiency in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

FosRich’s Managing Director Cecil Foster announced the partnership during the Jamaica Stock Exchange’s hybrid 16th Regional Investments and Capital Markets Conference last week. This year’s conference was held under the theme ‘Restructuring, Restoring and Renewing: Re-Connecting the Pillars of the Capital Markets’.

FosRich is made up of three principal business segments – FosRich Electrical which provides breakers, copper wires, energy-saving bulbs, ceiling fans, and other products; FosRich Lighting, a supplier of interior and affordable decorative lighting products since 2010 and FosRich Energy, which deals in energy-saving lighting options, and supplies and installs solar water heaters, solar photovoltaic systems, lighting, LED lighting and induction lighting products.

Huawei’s Director of Enterprise Business Group for Latin America and the Caribbean Courtney Hamilton, in welcoming FosRich to the team, indicated that Huawei has invested “tremendously” in solar technology to expand its footprint in the renewable energy space.

“Net zero carbon emissions is not just something cool that people are talking about anymore. It is a necessity for the planet, for humankind, and it is even more important for us here living in the Caribbean because climate change affects us more than anyone else,” Hamilton said.

“[Huawei] is looking forward to us growing the footprint here in Jamaica and bringing the thought leadership where more households and businesses can take this opportunity to use renewables in their energy mix.”

The partnership will provide a totally digital solar system to homes, businesses and utility-scaled projects.

Jamaica intends to generate half of its energy from renewables by 2037 amidst an overall target of adding 1.6 gigawatts of new capacity towards electricity grids.