Flow latest service aims to help SMEs improve digital presence

Flow launched a new business service aimed at delivering customised, smart ICT solutions to small businesses on Thursday (March 4).

The service will help small and medium size enterprises make the transformation from brick and mortar establishments to having a digital presence, Flow Jamaica’s country manager, Stephen Price, said at the launch.

According to Price, Flow Business Jamaica will provide dedicated support as part of a major transformation that will empower small businesses with better connectivity, smart solutions, improved product options and around-the-clock client support.

“Business transformation isn’t just an initiative for large companies but small businesses too.”

– FLOW Jamaica country manager, Stephen Price

“Flow Business Jamaica is being launched to create an enabling environment for small businesses. We want our hairdressers and barber shops to have the same chance of success as large enterprises. And the only way to achieve that is by providing the right support and tailor-made services to meet their needs,” Price said.

Price added that the company’s support of this critical group has steadily increased to include an array of solutions, an expansive partner channel, webinars and workshops, citing the rapid digitisation over the past year and its impact on small businesses as a pivotal moment to enhance its support.

“Small businesses are reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are not able to quickly adapt to the changing marketplace, transform their business to digital – including the creation of an online presence – and increase efficiencies to grow.

“We know that entrepreneurs want the best for their business and, sometimes, having the best requires them to change the way that they operate. Business transformation isn’t just an initiative for large companies but small businesses too. This allows small businesses to focus on the changes that they need to make to overcome challenges, facilitate financial growth and engage customers,” he added.

Senior manager, SME & Partner Channels, Dwayne Walters, also used the occasion to share that the unique challenges created by the pandemic led the company to review its suite of products leading to the simpler, more affordable and tailored ICT solutions being introduced.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has produced a leap in digitalisation and for local small businesses and start-ups, in particular, it presents an opportunity for them to retool using tailor-made technologies and to rethink their digital strategies,” said Walters.

“We understand the pain points and challenges that these businesses face and so we are excited to provide solutions and services that will increase efficiency in their day-to-day operations,” he added.