Embattled Alorica spends $80 million on COVID-19 staff intervention

Alorica Jamaica has spent over J$80 million (US$600,000) towards the welfare of its team members, many of whom are out of work as COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt life.

Alorica’s support for team members has included a recent care package of J$13,500 (US$100) per person, for the purchase of essentials such as food and water. 

That intervention has so far totalled approximately J$36 million (US$270,000). The roughly J$44 million (US$330,000) remaining was allocated to cover full salaries and other interventions. 

Alorica has also pledged to continue providing medical insurance coverage for all participating team members through the company’s health plan.  

While its Portmore and Kingston sites remain closed under the country’s two-week business process outsourcing lockdown, the company continues to focus on the safety and well-being of their 3,000 team members as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt countries across the globe. 

In a statement, the embattled company said “It is our ongoing commitment to Jamaica and our employees to do everything we can to help during this crisis. We remain in complete solidarity with the people and Government of Jamaica as we combine our collective efforts to fight this threat together as one country.

“The health and well-being of our entire Alorica team is our highest priority. For this reason, we have and will continue to explore all possible ways in which we can support them to help alleviate the challenges that they and their families may be facing right now.”

Alorica recently reiterated that they had fully cooperated with all enquiries and inspections of the Ministry of Health and Wellness and remained confident that their facilities and operations met and exceeded government requirements.

A thorough Ministry of Health and Wellness health inspection on April 1 confirmed that the Portmore facility fully met and complied with establised health protocols. 

After receiving confirmation that one of their employees tested positive for COVID-19 at the Portmore campus, on Friday April 10, Alorica immediately closed the site to protect other team members and to stop the spread of the virus within the community. 

Alorica has come under great scrutiny as a hotbed of infections for the coronavirus. The Ministry of Health and Wellness said that 205 of the country’s 432 are part of the company’s workplace cluster of infections.

–Denieca Brown