Fort Young Hotel in Rosseau, Dominica (Photo: Travel Weekly)

Dominican hotel offers ‘all-inclusive, island-included’ experience

Fort Young Hotel in Rosseau, Dominica (Photo: Travel Weekly)

Going beyond the traditional all-inclusive offerings, Dominica’s signature Fort Young Hotel and Dive Resort has launched a new “all-inclusive, island-included” experience.

Uniquely, the Fort Young’s all-inclusive package will offer guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in a selection of daily scheduled several off-property land and water island activities such as scuba diving, lion fish catching expeditions, and waterfall and hiking exploration.

Fort Young Hotel and Dive Resort in Rosseau, Dominica (Photo: Trip Advisor)

Additionally, round-trip airport transfers, two 60-minute massages, two 60-minute yoga sessions, national park entrance fees, and ‘even cocoa tea and juice at local eateries’ are among other inclusions.

The new model, which involves independent tour providers and local food and beverage outlets, is aimed at supporting the community at large.

Fort Young’s General Manager Dinesh Kissoon said, “Fort Young Hotel has always been a gateway to Dominica’s incredible sights and landmarks so it was a natural evolution for us to introduce this all-inclusive, island-included offering”.

General Manager of Fort Young Hotel and Dive Resort Dinesh Kissoon (Photo: Secret Bay)

“We wanted to offer travellers to Dominica a truly seamless, effortless and authentic way to experience the local culture, land and sea unlike ever before. Doing an all-inclusive with island included is a way of engaging our community and gives guests a more robust and immersive experience, creating a more sustainable and symbiotic ecosystem,” he added.

The package, however, is only available to guests who stay for a minimum of five nights, according to the resort. Guests can also book at standard room rates without an all-inclusive package.