A view of the capital of Dominica, Roseau. (Photo: Global Partnership for Education)

Dominica launches digital economic initiative

A view of the capital of Dominica, Roseau. (Photo: Global Partnership for Education)

The Dominica government has launched a project aimed at preparing the population to capitalise on the opportunities in the digital economy.

Dominica has launched a programme to capitalise on coming opportunities in the digital economy.

The authorities said that the “Work Online Dominica Pilot Project, which was established with the support of IsraAid and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), will target persons between the ages of 18 and 40 in the first instance.

The Minister responsible for the Digital Economy, Cassani Laville, said he is encouraged with the level of interest shown in the project by Dominicans.

“For the past few months we have been working quite aggressively to pursue and lay out the foundation to transform the digital economy here in Dominica. Eight months ago the digital economy was virtually an unknown term for all of us but today we are happy to be part of this buzz.

“This training opportunity ensures that we equip our youth and people with the skills required for this new economy. We want therefore to create awareness of the numerous opportunities on line, not only the socialisation, browsing and research, but we will continue to train our people to become producers, we will show the business opportunities that are available…and we will teach you how to access opportunities, platforms, markets for yourselves to become more desirable/.

“Basically we are going to help you to become entrepreneurs in this digital space,” Laville added.

Head of Office for the United Nations Development Programme, Luis Thais says while the initiative will not guarantee persons would land a job immediately “it does provide participants with the necessary tools to grow.

“Everything will be measured against the efforts each one of the participants put in,” he said, noting that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is resulting in “new forms of employment.

“The COVID-19 pandemic trend is growing in parallel to the accelerated growth digitisation of public services, communications and business opportunities particularly for small and medium enterprises all of which are part of the wider Dominica digital economy strategy”