Digital Life’s first webinar

Pioneer in digital education Ricardo Allen has stressed that training is key if we are to ensure the highest level of productivity with remote work. Allen was participating in Digital Life, The Webinar, the first edition on Thursday, March 18 titled ‘Digital Tools for Success: Work from home, work anywhere’.

Moderated by Michele Marius and backed by Avaya and Black Ink Market Event Solutions Limited, the expert panellists for the event included Allen, CEO of One-on-One Educational Services; Trevor Forrest, CEO 876 Technology Solutions; Maurice Barnes, CEO, Victoria Mutual Innovations, VMBS; Christopher Reckord, CEO of tTech Limited; Don Turner, senior product manager, Avaya; and Carol Robertson, director, Government and Enterprise, C&W Business Jamaica.

Allen reiterated the impact COVID-19 has had on the country but said that one positive that came out of it was the realisation that there needs to be a move to the digital space. He stressed that for that to happen effectively, training must be done. “We just have to train ourselves on those new skills that we need to adapt to the new normal,” he urged. “Training, learning and development is super important as we move forward.”

The panellists discussed the reality of the need for digital transformation, pointing out that the pandemic has made it all too obvious. They also touched on businesses rethinking their modes of providing services and needing to train workers in how to effectively work from home. They highlighted the positive outcomes agencies have experienced amid the pandemic since implementing online services. Work-from-home policies were discussed as well and panellists offered advice to businesses on how to effectively meet the demands of customers online, while accommodating the needs of their staff by implementing work-from-home policies that include productivity measures.

Presentations made by Forrest, Turner, and Reckord covered ways companies could replicate the services they offered to customers online and steps that needed to be addressed when carrying out digital transformation, as well as the need to reassure business owners on maintaining productivity levels, if done efficiently. Robertson though, addressed the concerns many people have with maintaining a work-life balance.

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