The Digicel global headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica. (File photo)

Digicel welcomes telecoms liberalisation in Guyana

The Digicel global headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica. (File photo)

Regional telecoms provider Digicel last week welcomed news of the Government of Guyana dissolving the 31-year monopoly of the local provider Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Co Ltd.

The Guyana Telephone & Telegraph headquarters, otherwise called ‘Telephone House’, in Guyana (Photo: Real FM)

“Guyana is on the brink of a new dawn,” Digicel wrote in a press release, noting that the monopoly had resulted in “poor choice, poor quality, poor coverage, and poor service”.

In making reference to a study from the US-based McKinsey Institute, Digicel pointed out that 10 per cent higher broadband penetration in any country can increase its gross domestic product by 1.4 per cent. 

Guyana is already in a position to become the fastest-growing nation in the world, having made several oil discoveries since 2015 and started production at the Liza project last year.

The Liza Destiny floating production storage and offloading vessel in Guyana waters.
(Photo: dpi.gov.gy)

More benefits

With this in mind, Digicel believes the people of Guyana stand to benefit even more with access to improved telecommunications services — “and all the attendant benefits and opportunities they bring”.

According to CEO of Digicel Guyana Gregory Dean, “To say that this day has been a long time coming is an understatement. For 16 long years, we have asked, requested, pushed, lobbied and pressured.  Today, finally, that day is here.” 

CEO of Digicel Guyana Gregory Dean (Photo: Stabroek News)

“At Digicel, we firmly believe that access to broadband is a basic human right. Now, the people of Guyana can look forward to a brighter future with affordable access to world-class connectivity solutions that can catapult them to the forefront of the knowledge and digital economy,” he continued.

The CEO also took the opportunity to thank President of the  Cooperative Republic of Guyana Dr Mohammed Irfaan Ali and his Administration “for delivering on their promise to expeditiously liberalise the sector”. He added that the telecoms provider looks forward to delivering “the transformational benefits of high-speed connectivity”.