The Digicel global headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica. (File photo)

Digicel signs multimillion-dollar deal for network intelligence solutions

The Digicel global headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica. (File photo)

REGIONAL telecoms giant Digicel has inked a multimillion-dollar deal with America-based software service provider Sandvine, which will be bringing its leading cloud-based application and network intelligence solutions to the Jamaica-based company.

Digicel, which last year relaunched as a fully digital operator providing personalised digital experiences with suites of applications for on-the-go sports, music, news, local radio, podcasts and messaging, today announced the deal with Sandvine. The multimillion-dollar order from Digicel will see the regional telecoms provider moving to Sandvine’s Active Network Intelligence (ANI) Portal and Analytics use cases, which its principals say is a natural next step for Digicel.

A Sandvine booth at the 2016 Mobile World Congress (Photo: TelecomLead)

Sandvine, a leader in application and network intelligence, is helping service providers, governments, and enterprises deliver exceptional application experiences while managing the associated surges and shifts in network traffic. For the last eight years Digicel has delighted customers with innovative plans and fast delivery of content using Sandvine’s Revenue Generation and Network Optimization use cases.

This expansion will further Digicel’s long-standing commitment to delivering “the best value, the best service, and the best network possible” across 32 markets in the Caribbean, Central America and the Pacific.

Digicel Group CTO Krishna Phillipps commented that, “Sandvine’s analytics capabilities increase our ability to create innovative plans for our customers and deliver the best application experience possible.”

Digicel Group Chief Technical Officer Krishna Phillipps
(Photo: TelecomLead)

He explained that applications in consumer and enterprise settings will become more complex and dynamic, making high-quality application experiences a must for improving customer experience.

For his part, Sandvine’s CEO Lyn Cantor says, “Digicel is one of the most nimble operator groups Sandvine has worked with. Their unparalleled ability to quickly launch new usage-based plans and leverage advanced analytics to deliver high-quality application experiences is helping them accelerate digital service growth.”

Lyn Cantor, CEO, Sandvine

The combination of 5G, cloud, automation and machine learning technologies is driving the advanced capabilities of Sandvine’s ANI Portal to analyse, optimise, and monetise applications based on real time data. These capabilities are helping innovative operators like Digicel set a foundation to meet the latency, speed and reliability that will be required for future 5G applications and network slices.