Digicel boost for Jamaican SMEs

In an effort to improve Jamaica’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) prospects, Digicel has launched a package of measures to boost business recovery and help them take full advantage of fresh opportunities in e-commerce.

Up to the start of this month, Digicel Business had invested over US$18 million in network improvements in order to double Internet capacity, enhance superfast LTE mobile data penetration to reach 98 per cent population coverage, and expand its fibre footprint to deliver high-speed connectivity to customers in the northern and western sections of the country.

The Digicel global headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica. (File photo)

The company says these improvements are now supporting remote working for public and private sector employees, opening up e-commerce opportunities for businesses, and bringing more traditional businesses into the Digital Age.

The other side of the initiative sees Digicel Business reaching hundreds of entrepreneurs, young professionals and aspiring business leaders who have benefited from a business mentorship programme with the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association.

Up-and-coming entrepreneurs were mentored by some of Jamaica’s brightest and most successful business leaders in a series of one-on-one sessions. These sessions were a spin-off of the highly-acclaimed Digicel Business Masterclass online series which drew a weekly audience of more than 5,000 viewers, with more now using the PlayGo app to catch up on missed episodes.

“We are in the business of providing tangible solutions to our customers, no matter what confronts them. Instead of presuming to know what the challenges are, we believe in doing the research to find out first hand, so that we can address problems directly, and turn these challenges into opportunities for our customers. The result of this is our COVID-19 Business Impact Report and Recovery Guide,” said Darragh Fitzgerald Selby, general manager of Digicel Business.

According to Fitzgerald Selby, the guide found that disruption from the pandemic has tested system resilience at an unprecedented level and highlighted key shortcomings and vulnerabilities.

He said despite efforts to improve systems, almost a third of businesses are still not satisfied with their existing technologies, and are looking to make improvements primarily in areas concerned with remote working and process automation.

The guide also revealed that 53 per cent of Jamaican businesses are looking to boost their resilience to the pandemic, while 55 per cent are looking to continue remote working options after the pandemic has passed.

“We are in the business of providing tangible solutions to our customers, no matter what confronts them… The result of this is our COVID-19 Business Impact Report and Recovery Guide”

— Darragh Fitzgerald Selby, general manager, Digicel Business.

“To meet these needs, Digicel Business introduced its competitively priced Business Hub product – an all-in-one IT package with high-speed Internet, mobile service, smart desk phones, on-call IT experts, Microsoft 365 and Teams and advanced security features.

“We believe in listening to our customers and providing them with solutions that meet their needs, this is why we introduced the Digicel Business Hub. Whether serving SMEs, large corporate entities or regional Governments, we partner with the industry-best (Cisco, HP, Microsoft, Fortinet, Dell and IBM) to provide end-to-end fully managed business solutions to improve business efficiencies,” declared Fitzgerald Selby.