Cuba and China sign-off on biotechnological park

Cooperation between China and Cuba has been boosted with the signing of a new biotechnology project.

Specialists from the Cuban Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology designed the equipment and laboratories of the new scientific center. (Photo: embacubachina/Twitter)

The project will facilitate investments in the first joint park to research, develop, produce and commercialise products on the Spanish-speaking Caribbean island.

The agreement was signed on Monday, March 2 by Cuban Ambassador, Carlos Miguel Pereira; Guangxi Fukang Medical Investment and Management Company and authorities from the Fangchenggang Development Zone.

(Photo: embacubachina/Twitter)

The project includes the construction of a cooperative platform to provide better services in public health, and a joint venture that will make Cuban medicines to treat heart and cerebral-vascular diseases, different kinds of cancer, and chronic hepatitis B, among others.

The project resulted from a recent agreement between the group, BioCubaFarma and Guangxi Fukang Medical Investment and Management Company.

(Photo: embacubachina/Twitter)

The Fangchenggang pilot zone, which is connected with the countries of the Association of South East Asian Nations by land and sea, offers Cuba good opportunities for development and growth

In addition, it confirms that bilateral cooperation in the field of biotechnology has solid foundations for Cuba.

(Photo: embacubachina/Twitter)

Talks about investments in the biotechnical park by the two countries have been ongoing but accelerated last December followed a meeting between Marta Ayala, joint general director of the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center (CIGB) on the one hands and Fangchenggang Mayor, Ban Zhongbo and other local leaders on the other hand.