Cayman Islands achieves 7,000 room stock

The Cayman Islands tourism industry marked the achievement of 7,000 licensed rooms available to visitors this week.

There are just over 7,000 licensed rooms in the Cayman Islands. (Photo: 1zoom.me)

The milestone comes with the addition of some 1,000 rooms over the past three years, which brought the islands’ tally to 7,027, with condominiums and villas accounting for 73 per cent of the increase.

Condos and villas account for 4,310 of the rooms available with the balance of just over 2,700 being found in the hotel category.

Villas and condos account for more almost two-thirds of available rooms.
(Photo: visitcaymanislands.com)

The breakdown sees Grand Cayman having the highest number of rooms at 6,646 followed by Cayman Brac with 220 and Little Cayman with 161 room

According to Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell, home-sharing opportunities now account for 32.2 per cent of the total rooms available. There are 799 licensed properties with almost 1,000 beds as of the end of October, he said. “Through the Ministry and Department of Tourism’s commitment to facilitating annual training and educational forums led by international partners such as Airbnb, as well as meeting regularly with potential developers to provide business solutions, we are extremely proud to now offer the largest and most diverse room stock numbers available to our visitors.” 

Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell (Photo: Cayman Government)

“As the Cayman Islands gears up for what is anticipated to be another active winter season around the globe, we encourage our tourism partners—whether new to the industry or long-established—to continue providing our world-renowned warmth through our Caymankind hospitality and our rich cultural experiences,” Kirkconnell said. “The efforts we make today will secure friends of Cayman for a lifetime and allow others to share in the essence of “Dreaming in Cayman”.

The Cayman Islands has had 386,290 visitor arrivals up to September 19 with the United States accounting for 83 per cent of that number.