Carreras embraces future transformation with new logo

Cigarette company Carreras Limited (CAR) in an effort to make official changes to its corporate image and expand its business outlook has since this week rolled out a new logo as part of its transformation objective.

Managing director of CAR Raoul Glynn, in his rationale for the move, said that the company was on a transformational journey, spurred by the advent of the novel coronavirus pandemic last year which demonstrated that change was an integral part of any business model which should be embraced.

“As a company, we undertook this global crisis as a challenge and welcomed new opportunities. We transformed our vision of the future with agility while displaying steadfast commitment to our corporate values and the health and safety of our employees.

“From 2021 and beyond the company’s tagline will be ‘ A Better Tomorrow’. As a responsible company, we remain committed to building ‘A Better Tomorrow’ for the benefit of the business, partners and the public which has resulted in us expanding our range of products and accelerating risk reduction backed by scientific research. As a result, we needed to revisit our visual representation and ensure that our ‘look’ echoes our evolution as a company,” he said in response to queries from the Jamaica Observer last Thursday.

In a recent notice posted to the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) website, CAR said that its new visual representation was to be utilised digitally and in print throughout all of its business transactions and operations. It further said that the official trade name “Carreras” will be accompanied by the tagline ‘ A Better Tomorrow’ with a change from its inceptive insignia of the ‘three-lobed leaf’ to a ‘double-sail’ icon.

Glynn said that he expects for the decision to be welcomed by stakeholders, as they too understand the need for businesses to innovate and evolve.

In terms of the prospects for its expanded business outlook, he said that the company, in light of the recent tabling of a draft tobacco Bill, is seeking to become more focused on incorporating sustainability as a core part of its operations.

“For our consumers, we want to offer a range of enjoyable and responsibly marketed products in tobacco and beyond. For society, we aim to reduce the health and environmental impacts of our business. For our suppliers and customers, we want to raise standards for everyone across our value chain. For our employees, we want to create a dynamic, inspiring and purposeful place for them to work. And for our shareholders, we want to deliver superior and sustainable returns.

“As we advance in our transformative journey, we look forward to our continued partnership with our valued stakeholders,” he told the Business Observer.

Carreras, which is the leading marketer and distributor of cigarettes and tobacco-related products in Jamaica, currently markets and distributes popular brands such as Matterhorn, Craven A and Pall Mall products. Just recently the company also said that it would be expanding its line of offering with the introduction of lighters, rolling paper and other smoking paraphernalia.

The publicly-listed company has local and international ownership with Jamaican shareholders owning some 49.6 per cent of the stakes while the majority interest is being held by British American Tobacco (BAT) company.