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Brazil accepts Huawei’s 5G bid despite US sanction warning

(Photo: ebay.co.uk)

Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourao said the country’s legislation is clear on issues surrounding bidding, noting that no company can be prohibited.

Brazil said it will accept Huawei’s bid to provide it with 5G technology in keeping with its established bidding protocols.

The Murao made the comments as he defended the participation of technology company Huawei in the bidding process aimed at building out the country’s 5G Internet network.

“Our legislation on participating in a bid is clear, no one can be prohibited,” said Mourao, adding that companies must demonstrate a level of transparency in keeping with the legislation established for the process.

According to Mourao, Huawei already has a presence in Brazil and noted that the tech company is the supplier of more than a third of Brazil’s 4G network.

Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourao

“Huawei has capacity above its competitors and we do not yet see US companies capable of defeating international competition,” Mourao said during a videoconference with foreign correspondents in Sao Paulo.

Mourao’s speech came just days after US Ambassador to Brazil, Todd Chapman, said in a newspaper interview that the country may face “consequences” if it allows China’s Huawei Technologies into its 5G network, referring to US accusations of Chinese spying.

“Each country is responsible for its decisions,” Chapman is quoted as saying.

“The consequences we are seeing in the world are that firms involved in intellectual property are scared to make investments in countries where that intellectual property is not protected,” he added.

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro said last month that 5G deployment would have to meet national sovereignty, information and data security requirements.