Brainboxx introduces paperless office

The offices of tomorrow are paperless. After all, going paperless is the single most important thing you can do to run a more efficient office. It speeds up organisation and efficiency, and it also reduces overhead costs. You’ve probably heard a lot about going paperless for some time now. Perhaps you’re even aware of a colleague or a friend whose office has gone paperless recently. However, you might still wonder if it’s worth the trouble of transitioning to a paperless firm.

The answer is, “Yes!” Paperless offices experience such benefits as:

more mobility

increased profits

extra physical office space

enhanced security

greater collaboration

improved client service

faster payments

time-saving benefits

environmental friendliness.


Keep in mind that becoming a paperless office doesn’t happen overnight. It takes effort and commitment. However, transitioning is much easier if you have the proper systems and tools in place.

Cloud-based office management software – the foundation of the paperless office

If you’re not already using cloud-based office management software in your office, it’s time to get on board. Products such as Neuro LAW, Neuro HR and Neuro MED can help reduce overhead costs while boosting productivity and profitability, with features such as automated time and billing and project management.

But what does “cloud-based” mean? Here’s the most concise description of this vague and over-complicated term: The cloud allows you to use computing resources that you don’t have locally in your office. This network (or remote server) offers the advantage of minimal to no equipment at your location so that you can process your data, store it, keep it secure, and manage it however you wish with ease.

The benefits of a cloud-based office management software

No IT necessary

Cloud computing means you no longer need a server to store and manage your data. Instead, you use your cloud provider’s server to do so. Typically, you are buying space on a massive server shared by others. How much space you need is, of course, dependent on your practice.

Remote access all your information

The office of tomorrow no longer needs you to go into the office to get work done. Now, you can be anywhere! All you need are the right tools. With cloud-based office management software, you can log in to view your case information from your laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet.

Online storage

With cloud computing, you don’t have to worry about running out of storage because you pay for the storage you need. Cloud-based office management software, such as the Neuro Suite, even offers unlimited document storage at no extra cost!

Low Cost

Cloud computing can be very affordable if you’re a small practice. Consider this: If you’re not using cloud-based software, then the cost will increase for servers, storage, and an IT person as your firm grows. Of course, even with cloud computing, it will become more expensive. The more complex your practice gets, the more intricate your security needs become, and the more users you have interacting with the software. However, you’re getting so much more for your money. Plus, office management software can save you time and money in the long run through automation features such as Neuro Suite’s document assembly.

Neuro Suite consists of Human Resource Information System (HRIS) HR Boss; now Neuro HR, an Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) Neuro MED and a legal practice management software Neuro LAW. For more information, contact (876) 294-0210 or visit https://brainboxx.io/.