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Employees at Iterum Connections in Jamaica pose for a frame. (Photo: LinkedIn)

BPO Iterum Connections launches in Jamaica

Employees at Iterum Connections in Jamaica pose for a frame. (Photo: LinkedIn)

Business process outsourcing (BPO) company Iterum Connections has become the latest such entity to officially open in Jamaica, the second in two weeks.

Iterum Connections, which is headquartered in Panama, is said to be the fastest-growing business process outsourcer in the Americas, boasting that it is the first BPO operator to open a new contact centre facility in Jamaica since living in a pandemic reality. Last week London-based BPO company Ventrica, regarded as the fast-growth multilingual customer service specialist, announced its expansion into Jamaica with the launch of its new operation in Montego Bay.

Based in Jamaica’s capital, Kingston, Iterum Connections’ modern, environmentally friendly customer management centre contains 900 workstations and the company is actively recruiting talent from the greater Kingston area. The site will be multi-dimensional in regard to its geographic reach.

The new BPO centre will be servicing not only end-users in North America but agents will also be handling interactions for consumers in the United Kingdom.

Iterum Connections CEO Miro Batista has been overwhelmed at the positive reception at the new site in Jamaica. According to Batista, “To say that we are pleased with the response from the local community would be an understatement; our new site has been operational for some short time and response to employment opportunities has been very strong.”

CEO of Iterum Connections at Outsource2Jamaica 2018 confab (Photo: YouTube)

In fact, following the first job posting for 100 associates, Iterum Connections received over 3,000 applicants. This, Batista argues, “shows the motivation and enthusiasm that outsourcers like us are able to recoup from the Jamaican business environment”.

The CEO remarked, “Jamaica is truly the standard for contact centre delivery. It should not be forgotten that it was the most favoured American nearshore destination in the annual Front Office Omnibus Survey by Ryan Strategic Advisory. It is a hotbed of excellence in all things CX, and we are both proud and lucky to be part of this dynamic.”

Batista also commented about the partnerships developed to make his company’s entry into Jamaica a seamless one. “Without the ongoing partnership between the BPO sector and the highest levels of Jamaica’s Government, it would have been nearly impossible for operators to provide seamless customer services to our clients and end-users near and far. We have been so grateful at the support that we have received in setting up shop by government stakeholders, especially in these challenging times,” he explained.

In addition to Jamaica and its home country of Panama, Iterum Connections also has sites in Colombia. The company supports clients across a variety of sectors, including FinTech, e-commerce, and telecommunications, and manages customer interactions for the world’s leading brands, across the full customer life cycle — sales, activation, service, tech support, loyalty, retention, and collections, and across industries including cable/wireless/satellite, banking, retail, technology, consumer, travel/hospitality, e-commerce and others.

Founded in 2019, Iterum Connections has rapidly increased in scale and was recently awarded a Frost & Sullivan award for Entrepreneurial Company of the Year in 2021. Its Jamaican expansion is testament to Iterum Connections’ ongoing ambition as its value proposition reads: “The extra mile, Delivered.”