Better odds, bigger payouts promised by new gaming entrant Lucky Play

Stakes have been raised to an all-time high in Jamaica’s lottery and gaming industry with the new entrant, Lucky Play, saying that it is the first local gaming company to offer a completely integrated agent and online gaming experience. This according to company officials of Lucky Play.

Officials said that Lucky Play will improve the gaming industry as it makes playing more convenient and profitable for players. Better odds and bigger payouts are Lucky Play promises to gamers with the roll-out of their “Big Pot”, “Super 5” and “Dream 6” lottery games, all conducted with traditional live draw machines using state-of-the-art technology to ensure the integrity of each draw.

The company’s official launch is imminent, officials said, as Lucky Play, under its registered company Goodwill Gaming Enterprises Limited, received its approval letter from the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission’s Executive Director Vitus Evans on February 3, 2021.

Lucky Play’s commitment to ‘bigger payouts’ will be backed by cold, hard cash with the introduction of 30 to one odds for the locally cultured pick one game Big Pot. This means players can now earn $300 for every $10 spent instead of the current market best, which was recently increased from $260 to $280.

Additionally, Lucky Play’s Super 5 lottery will enable players to wager on either five, four, three, or even two numbers (each from 0-9). The Lucky Play Dream 6 lottery offers better odds by choosing six of 37 numbers, making it easier to win the main jackpot prize which starts at $30 million, exceeding the current market best $25 million starting jackpot.

Chairman of Lucky Play, businessman Ian Dear, noted, “Lucky Play will revolutionise the way Jamaicans game, by offering the local market access to games via agent locations islandwide and through a full suite of online gaming products. The present pandemic has highlighted the need and demand for innovative tech-forward solutions in Jamaica and Lucky Play is responding to that call. We are introducing cutting-edge technology that allows players to conveniently game using a single player account e-wallet at anytime, from anywhere, and from any Internet-enabled device.

Even a cursory glance at Lucky Play’s value proposition suggests that the company is improving the traditional way lottery is played in Jamaica – this involves a full transformation of the Jamaican gaming landscape to create an experience that is convenient, seamless, and fully integrated. This is seen not only in the introduction of new state-of-the-art technologies, but also in the development of a Community Vendor programme designed to meet customers where they are, empower ordinary Jamaicans, and reduce the incidence of ‘black market’ or informal gaming. This initiative enables respected members of communities to become vetted agents, thereby providing employment that is flexible and adaptable to individual lifestyle needs.

Officials of Lucky Play have said that they look forward to offering the public its new innovative gaming products and is committed to being a good corporate citizen for all Jamaicans to be proud of.