Bank of Jamaica announces eCurrency Mint Inc as its central bank digital currency provider

BANK of Jamaica (BOJ) yesterday announced that after an extensive procurement process, the technology provider chosen to support BOJ in testing a central bank digital currency (CBDC) solution in the Bank’s Fintech Regulatory Sandbox for a pilot starting in May to end December 2021 is eCurrency Mint Incorporated.

eCurrency Mint will also be the provider when the national CBDC roll-out begins in early 2022.

eCurrency Mint is a global thought leader and pioneer of the hardware, software, and cryptographic security protocol technology to enable central banks to securely issue, distribute and supervise CBDC, a digital fiat currency that will operate alongside notes and coins as digital legal tender.

eCurrency Mint is based in Ireland and on its website lists itself as a security technology solution provider that fulfils central bank requirements for issuance of CBDC.

“eCurrency provides expertise in CBDC policy considerations, design and technology implementation.

“eCurrency has been working with central banks and international bodies to define CBDC, understand the implications and assess the design options to build the solution since 2011,” the company said on its website.