Toronto Stock Exchange launches programme for top 30 stocks

Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) announced in September introduced a programme which recognises 30 top-performing stocks over a three-year period based on dividend-adjusted share price appreciation.

“We are extremely proud to present the TSX30, a new recognition programme featuring some of the most compelling success stories among our listed issuers, including companies operating in traditional areas of strength like natural resources and also in newly defined sectors like clean tech and cannabis,” Loui Anastasopoulos, president, Capital Formation, TMX Group, stated.

Representatives from TSX30 winning companies join Loui Anastasopoulos (third left), president, Capital Formation, TMX Group, to open the market to celebrate the inaugural TSX30, a flagship program launched by Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). (Photo: CNW Group)

The inaugural TSX30 list also served to highlight the power and diversity of investment opportunities in Canada’s world-class marketplace. In total, companies listed on TSX30 have generated more than CDN$116 billion in market capitalisation over the last three years, on a combined basis.

According to Anastasopoulos, “TSX listed companies play a vital role in Canada’s capital markets and as we continue to evolve into a global leader, TSX remains committed to our work in support of this crucial ecosystem. Today we congratulate the companies included in the inaugural TSX30 for all of their achievements and look forward to continuing to serve them along each stage of their growth path into the future.”

Representatives from TSX30-listed companies joined TMX executives on Friday, September 27, 2019, to open the market and celebrate the milestone.

“TSX listed companies play a vital role in Canada’s capital markets…”

— Loui Anastasopoulos, president, Capital Formation, TMX Group

Speaking in an interview after the launch of the new programme, Anastasopoulos explained how the TSX30 list was collated.

“We had a very, very clear inclusion criteria and that drove out about 600 companies that qualified, and from there we got to the TSX30. This is the combination of almost a year’s worth of work and anytime we’re doing things to support the growth of our companies we feel good about that,” he said.

President and CEO of goeasy Limited Jason Mullins expressed that it was “a special honour to be amongst the list of the type of companies that are here”, including Air Canada and Shopify. He said he was proud that his company could join the ranks to be named alongside such “great Canadian brands”.