Kremi restructures as it looks to regional dominance

Caribbean Cream Limited (CCL) today, February 21, announced changes to its organisational structure that it hopes will help it become the number one ice-cream company in the region.

Caribbean Cream is a manufacturer of ice cream and ice cream cakes.
(Photo: Facebook: Kremi Ice Cream)

Chief executive officer Christopher Clarke has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors effective the first of next month. Clarke will also continue on in his role as CEO, said a notice by the CCL Board.

The note, shared to the Jamaica Stock Exchange website, said Clarke has been with the company since its start and has been key in its success, taking CCL to the pole position in the country. “In his role as CEO he will be responsible for clarifying strategic vision and holding the leadership of CCL to account for realising our vision to become the #1 Ice cream company in the Caribbean.”

Chief executive officer Christopher Clarke (Photo: caribcream.com)

Additionally, Ryan Peralto has been named General Manager for the company, an appointment which took effect more than two months ago on December 9.  Peralto’s previous post saw him head up operations at the nation’s public transportation unit, the Jamaica Urban Transit Company.

“Mr Peralto will have direct management responsibility for CCL and will have reporting to him, Production, Maintenance, Quality, Sales & Distribution as well as Safety & Security,” the Board’s notice .

Caribbean Cream was launched in 2006. (Photo: Facebook: Kreami Ice Cream)

Peralto will report to Clarke and the Board with his primary role being to “maximise returns on investment and capital in keeping with the Establish current and long-range strategic objectives, along with the Executive team,” the company said. Additionally, he will “plan, direct, oversee and co-ordinate all activities and operations of CCL to obtain maximum efficiency, economy of operations in keeping with the Board directives” as well as maximise profits and satisfy customer requirements for products and/or services. “Peralto comes to us with a vast reservoir of experience in Manufacturing and leadership at the highest levels of organisation.”

Kremi generated revenue of $1.2 billion for the nine-month period ended November 31, 2019.

Caribbean Cream is the manufacturer of the Kremi brand of ice cream products which Clarke launched in 2006.

The company makes more than 20 tropical flavours of bulk ice cream and three flavours of ice cream cakes.

It generated revenue of $1.2 billion for the nine-month period ended November 30, 2019, an eight per cent increase over the same period of the prior financial year. Net profit for its last quarter was $9.2 million compared to $1.7 million over that period of the corresponding year.