JMMB launches investment management service for clients

JMMB recently launched an investment management service solution to provide support to its corporate clients during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The financial entity said the service, which was virtually launched, will assist medium and large-sized businesses to better manage their cash flow and currency hedging, maximise return on investments, and bolster how investments are managed in an effort to increase profitability.

According to Peter Thompson, group client investment manager, the roll-out of the service amidst a changing economic environment comes at an opportune time when businesses seek to better manage liquidity, balance return on investments, and maintain steady cash flow.

“The JMMB investment management service will allow business clients to benefit from JMMB’s wealth of regional expertise and ongoing research to inform their investment management process and decision-making without the added costs associated with hiring these kinds of experts in-house. JMMB will, therefore, seek to bridge their business clients’ knowledge and technical gap through the provision of this service,” a company release quotes Thompson.

“Clients will receive a customised investment strategy in which we will allocate [investment] assets based on their unique business needs, risk appetite, investment objective, tax and legal implications, and any investment constraints, all while we monitor and rebalance their investment portfolios in order to achieve projected returns and meet their objectives,” Thompson continued.

He further explained that the service, which will be guided by the best practices related to investment strategy, will also allow businesses to benefit from market opportunities and flexibility, as well as seamless reporting and tracking of the business and administrative support throughout the life of the investment. He noted that the new investment service will also provide global exposure to a range of asset classes, including bonds, equities, fixed assets, and other securities.

“At the core of this offering is a win-win partnership in which businesses can remain focused on their core operations. The JMMB Group will provide them with the necessary support to manage their liquidity and maximise returns with an affordable investment management fee structure that is flexible, allowing businesses to either pay those fees upfront, or opt for a performance-based approach,” Thompson added.