GraceKennedy execs assume top roles at Key Insurance following acquisition

All but two members of the board of Key Insurance Company Limited have resigned as GraceKennedy assumes management control of the company.

Tammara Glaves-Hucey, who served as assistant general manager at GK General Insurance Company, has assumed the role of General Manager of Key Insurance.

Key Insurance’s departures are led by that of its chairman, Natalie Gobin-Gunter, who resigned at a board meeting on March 31, 2020; director Kala Abrahams also resigned on the same day. Those two resignations were preceded by three others, that of Neville Henry effective March 26 and Marc Ramsay and company secretary Treveen Little, effective March 27.

Chief executive officer of GraceKennedy Group, Don Wehby

The two continuing directors are Gobin-Gunter and Sandra Masterson, who demitted her role as managing director effective March 24.

Don Wehby, chief executive officer of GraceKennedy Group, which acquired 65 per cent of Key Insurance, was appointed director and chairman with immediate effect at the March 31 board meeting.

Other appointments to the Board of Directors include Linval Freeman, Kareem Tomlinson, Mariame McIntosh-Robinson, Rochelle Cameron, Herma McRae and Kerry-Ann Heavens. The appointments are subject to regulatory approval.

Heavens was also appointed company secretary on March 28 to replace the departed Little.

Key joins three other insurance companies within the GK Group, Allied Insurance Brokers, GK Insurance Brokers and Canopy Insurance Limited.

The acquisition of Key is part of the GraceKennedy Group’s plans to further strengthen and expand its Financial Services Division through an offer by the holding company, GKFG. It forms part of the company’s larger strategy of mergers and acquisitions as a strategic driver for growth for the GraceKennedy Group.