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Derrimon Trading refinances debt

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Derrimon Trading Limited has inked long-term agreements for a new warehouse which is expected to “facilitate growth in the present portfolio, achieve improved efficiencies and allow for the attraction of new principals for the distribution of new, strong brands,” as stated in its new annual report.

Derrimon has refinanced $613.8 million in short-term financing with a 120-month tenure.

Capitalising on the improvement in the general economic indicators and the market, the company has renegotiated material aspects of its syndicated amortised facility, thereby reducing base interest rate by 2.25 per cent

It has also refinanced JM$613.8 million of short- term bridge financing to longer term amortised facilities with tenure of 120 months at matching portfolio interest similar to other facilities on its books.

Management said the debt management strategy is significant to the company’s growth and overall financial performance.
The approach of lengthening the maturity profile of the loan portfolio using a mix of funding sources based on market trends among other market intelligence , had a positive impact on net interest expenses and the principal amortisation is now poised towards improving the gearing ratio of the business.

‘The company has now moved into its new state of the art 105,000 square foot of warehouse space and already started to realise efficiencies.”

– Derrimon Trading

Management stated, “We renegotiated loans by 225 basis points, moving short term loans to longer term loans, liquidated significantly higher cost US dollar denominated loans and replaced them with Jamaican Dollar denominated facilities at a more competitive rate which eliminated our risk exposure to unpredictable foreign exchange rate fluctuations.”

Management cited advances and growth achieved in the island wide distribution coverage in 2019 while deepening the products available to the market under SM Jaleel & Company Distribution Agreement.

Brands distributed include the SM Jaleel portfolio (Busta, Chubby, Kool Kidz, Fruta, Viva), Turbo) as well as other local and regional portfolios such as NV VSH Foods (Golden Brand) and CIC Industries NV (Sun Powder Detergent).

Chairman and CEO of Derrimon Traders Derrick Cotterel (Photo: Jamaica Observer)

The company which was  affected by ongoing construction in Kingston in 2019, post-year-end,  relocated to a new facility with storage space of over 100, 000 square feet located at Tom Cringle Drive , off Mandela Highway.

Company Chairman Derrick Coterrell said the new location “will not only allow us to operate more efficiently but also provide warehousing support for new portfolios in the future.”

Management said in the report, “The company has now moved into its new state of the art 105,000 square foot of warehouse space and already started to realise efficiencies.”

“We will continue to aggressively look for opportunities that fit with our structure in order to expand our retail outlets especially within the supermarket space.”