Caribbean Markets Round-Up

Alternative energy, manufacturing, finance and food led the market activity in the regional stock markets for the week

The Jamaica Stock Exchange led market activity for the week ended December 13

The week ending December 13, 2019 saw the regional stock markets slowing down for the holiday season.

Characteristically, the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) led the market activity with the Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange being the second active exchange in the Caribbean.

The Guyana Stock Exchange and the Barbados Stock Exchange both had one stock traded for the week.  And the Eastern Caribbean Stock Exchange had no activities.

In Jamaica, the alternative energy industry, the manufacturing industry and the financial industry led the activities of nearly JMD$750 billion worth of buying and selling on the market.

Wisynco’s trading represented 21.92 per cent of the JSE’s activity.

The JSE reported that overall market activity resulted from trading in 36 stocks of which 15 advanced, 16 declined and 5 traded firm. Wigton Windfarm Limited Ordinary Shares was the volume leader with 32.9 million units, representing nearly 60 per cent of the trades booked. 

Next was WISYNCO Group Ltd Ordinary Shares with 12 million units representing 21.92% of market activity.  And JMMB Group Limited with 2.3 million units or nearly 4.21% of activities by buying and selling.

Over on the Barbados Stock Exchange (BSE), airline food services provider, Goddard Enterprises Limited was the only security traded with 3,600 shares crossing the board valued at BD$11,772.00.   The Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange (TTSE) saw market activity for the week resulted from trading in 12   securities of which 3 advanced, 5 declined and 4 traded firm for an overall value of TT$8,778,144.61. Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Limited was the volume leader with 269,707 shares changing hands for a value of TT$957,459.85. The All T&T Index advanced by 3.28 points (0.18%) to close at 1,844.85.

Also, the Guyana Stock Exchange saw 1 stock advanced, 1 declined and 3 traded firm as 229,196 units traded on the Regular Market. Banks DIH was volume leader with 207,575 shares traded.

And the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange (ECSE) saw no new trades reported for this week.