IQH3D Skyy Tablet (Photo: PR Newswire)

Jamaican businessman upbeat about demand for tablets

IQH3D Skyy Tablet (Photo: PR Newswire)

Jamaican businessman Loyal Haylett, chief executive officer of IQH3D, is upbeat over the overwhelming demand for the recently launched glasses-free 10.8 inches 3D tablet, Skyy.

Skyy, which was released in America on Thursday, August 26, is an upgrade of the T1 8.4 inches 3D tablet, which sold out shortly after hitting the market in December 2020.

According to Haylett, the company was forced to manufacture the 10.8-inch screen tablets after the 8.4 inch test-run versions went like hot bread and a demand in the marketplace for larger screens of the devices was sparked.

CEO of IQH3D Loyal Haylett (Photo: Jamaica Observer)

“So between Asia and North America, between 5,000 units of the 8.4 were sold. And so we got the request for a buffer screen and a more advanced Androids operating system. So we decided to discontinue the 8.4 and come out with the 10.8,” Haylett explained.

He shared that within days of its release, some 4,000 Skyy tablets have already been sold.

“It is being used as a VR (virtual reality) device for companies in California which we have already sold over 4,000 of the Skyy devices. It is being used by a virtual reality company,” disclosed the CEO of IQH3D in a release.

“The Skyy tablet gives users access to a wider variety of content on existing streaming platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. The tablet is proven to be a much needed and extremely useful solution for customers in the 3D and virtual reality markets.

“ IQH3D has sold thousands of the 10.8 inches tablet to B2B customers before the expected release date of August 26, 2021 and is planning to ramp up production before the end of October due to high demand IQH3D is also currently exploring the use of our tablet sized technology for advertising and entertainment venues, as it is perfect for advertising and communication in small but high traffic areas such as escalators and elevators, as well as, great for virtual reality and 3D entertainment venues. The 10.8” Skyy tablet will be available on www.IQH3D.com.

Haylett hails the gold and white designed 10.8 inches tablet as a technological breakthrough for the IQH3D team in the USA, China and Jamaica. He argues that the Skyy tablet combines the best features of Android operating systems with the most advanced glasses-free 3D technology to ensure the best browsing and viewing experience.

“IQH3D stays committed to constantly delivering the best quality, stylish and futuristic glasses-free 3D technology with exceptional customer support to users across the globe. Skyy is above all we have done before,” Haylett said.

IQH3D is a glasses-free 3D company, based in the USA, that is on a mission to produce high quality products and services to customers worldwide. Currently, their line of products includes IQH3D 10.8 inches Skyy tablet, IQH3D UltraD Display, multi-view 3D displays, single-view 3D monitors with eye-tracking technology, 3D Android phones, 3D screen protectors and cases for iPhone, IQH3D App for iPhone, with 3D music videos, movies, and video clips; as well as IQH3D CMS platform for commercial 3D advertising networks.

Haylett, who resides between western Jamaica and America, says that the tablets are not currently available on sale in Jamaica.